Farm Machinery Rental Staff

Job Description:

In charge of monitoring and processing of farm machinery rental operations.


  • Graduate of Agricultural Engineering, Agribusiness or any Agriculture related courses

  • Knowledgeable in Farm machineries

  • Knowledgeable in farm operations

  • Good customer service skills

  • With driver's license

  • Good oral and written communication skills

  • Good Leadership skills

  • Detail oriented

Motor Control Center Operator

  • Graduate of Bachelor's Degree in any Engineering course or atleast with NCII of the following:

    • Mechanical/Automotive Technology

    • Electrical/Electronics Technology

  • Ability to act quickly and efficiently in the event of Mechanical/Electrical failure.

  • Computer Literacy with basic knowledge on MS Office platforms such as MS Excel, Word and PowerPoint, understanding and proficient in the applicable hardware/software platforms used in performing the job.

  • Excellent Trouble-Shooting Ability.

  • Demonstrated knowledge regarding operation of valves, switches, controls, keyboards and other devices associated with power plants and working knowledge of maintenance management systems.

  • Ability to read, understand, follow, and enforce safety procedures.

  • Ability to be flexible with last minute schedule changes, location changes, time of shift changes. Overtime work required.

  • Good in Mathematics (Basic Algebra).

  • With strong leadership skills.

  • With good verbal and written communication skills.